What is bitcoin support

by miners and electricity consumption in exchange for providing a value. This is despite the fact that since the 70s, gold-backed currencies in countries were replaced by fiat-backed currencies. This means that currencies such as Rial, Dollar, Euro, etc., are all without physical support and their value is determined by the government

bitcoin support


What determines the value of Bitcoin

The principle of supply and demand is what determines the value of Bitcoin. Due to its limited supply (21 million units), Bitcoin is considered an anti-inflationary asset, which over time with the increase in demand, its supply decreases and as a result, it becomes more expensive in terms of price.

How can I trust Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a currency without trust. Since the way to control and supply it is immutably coded in the network, users do not need to trust a person or an organization to make transactions. Users actually trust computer code

trust Bitcoin

Or is Bitcoin a pyramid or a Ponzi

Bitcoin, like other assets, may be used in pyramid and Ponzi projects, but buying and selling Bitcoin from exchanges is not a pyramid and is like buying stocks.

Can Bitcoin be hacked

Each and every transaction made in the network, which is recorded in the blocks, must be changed. This is very difficult and expensive, and no hacker has the computer or financial power to do this. In simpler words, in order to hack Bitcoin, you have to hack all the computers that mine Bitcoin, and this is technically impossible.

What if someone buys all the bitcoins

Since the value of Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand, buying all the Bitcoins breaks this cycle and does not include a profit for the buyer.

Can I make money with Bitcoin

that many early buyers become big capitalists. However, the Bitcoin market is still young and users, news, and laws can affect its price. Therefore, in order to make money from Bitcoin, it should be viewed as a long-term investment.

How to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin is now tradable on digital currency exchanges. Now, due to the recent sanctions in Iran, it is better for users to buy and sell bitcoins in domestic exchange.

Unlike many competitors and the support of this platform, Arya Exchange has attracted many users. Because it is very sensitive in accurate authentication of users and in this way it prevents fraudsters from entering this collection. You can use Arya exchange to buy and sell bitcoins.

How do I invest in Bitcoin

It is suggested that in order to invest in Bitcoin, the step purchase method is used. Since the volatility of the Bitcoin market is high, by dividing the assets and buying in different time frames, less risk is involved for the users.

Do I have to buy a whole bitcoin

no Bitcoin is divided into 100 million small units called Satoshi and any amount can buy some Bitcoin.

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