getting to know the king of digital currencies.

In simple words, this currency is a digital currency like the common currency of countries and its main function is to make financial exchanges between people. The general function of this currency is similar to the US dollar and the Iranian rial.

But there are also important differences between this currency and currencies like the dollar. One of the most important differences is that this token was not created by governments and financial institutions and has no support other than public acceptance





Bitcoin shows that this currency is a type of digital money that emerged after the financial crisis of 2008 in the United States. A crisis that was one of the deepest economic crises in America and the world throughout history. A currency that, regardless of banks and economic crises, tries to maintain the value of its users’ money and even increase it.

How it works

This currency is sent from one address to another and users are charged a fee for these transfers. Each user can potentially have many addresses.

Each payment transaction is announced to all members of the network so that existing bitcoins are not spent twice. After verification by the network nodes, the transaction is time stamped by the network nodes so that their complete information is stored in the blockchain.

Each transaction is recorded with high computer and processing power, which is called “proof of work”. Using this processing power, this currency creates a fast and reliable payment network that anyone can use.

earn money

One of the best opportunities to invest and earn money is using emerging technologies and markets. This currency has provided users with a valuable opportunity.

In general, the methods of earning money from this currency are very diverse. Earning free money from Bitcoin to investment and long-term holding is one of these methods


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