?How to transfer Tether tokens

  1. Most multi-value wallets specify the type of tether they support using their token protocol, such as ERC20 and TRC20

  2. Now that you are familiar with the types of tether tokens, the advantages and disadvantages of each, we will move on to transferring Tether to

  3. Each type of Tether token can only be transferred in its own network

token convert

How to convert ERC20 Tether to Tethertron ?(TRC20)

Now enter your TRC20 Tether wallet address and set the transfer network to Tron, have some ERC20 Tether in your wallet and you decide to convert them to TRC20 Tether due to the high Ethereum network fees.Then open the exchange wallet and enter the Tether withdrawal section

?How long does Tether transfer take

  ,  due to this, it will take more time to complete the transactions. it usually takes between one hour and two days for confirmations to reach the destination address, and this is due to network traffic of mining devices or network load. buying and selling Tether using the Bitcoin platform creates 6 block levels, each of which is created in 10 minutes, which means that at least 60 minutes of time are required for this transfer. Tether transactions using the Ethereum platform generate 20 30 block levels, each of which is generated in 15 seconds, so 5-7.5 minutes of transfer time is required


All kinds of Tether tokens in different wallets?

Tether tokens are supported in three wallets: Guarda, Atomic and Trust. Also, by knowing the format of Tether addresses, its transmission network can be identified:

It starts with the same address as the Bitcoin network.:  USDT Omni. 1، 3 .BC1

It starts, which is similar to Ethereum network addresses.  :USDT ERC20 . 0x

It starts, which is similar to Tron network addresses.    :USDT-TRC20 . T

Transmit Tether from trust wallet?

The Trust wallet is one of the famous cryptocurrency market software that was monopolized by the Binance exchange in 2018.

This wallet supports thousands of cryptocurrencies and supports bep2, bep20, trc20 and erc20 networks


?How is Tether paid

Many users face the problem of lack of balance for payment when sending Tether from their wallet. This is despite the fact that the balance of Tether in their wallets is not low and insufficient. Tether digital currency does not have its blockchain and acts as a token on other blockchains.

   The USDT token transfer fee for each blockchain is proportional to the standard fees of the same network and is paid using the main (native) digital currency of that blockchain.

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