Why is Tether transfer fee high

Tether is a token with the ERC20 network standard, the main method for its transfer is also through this network. Due to the high traffic of the ERC20 network, the Tether transfer fee is set high to encourage miners to perform transactions. Due to the high queue of transactions waiting for confirmation, it is possible to cancel some of them. In many digital currency exchanges, Tether transfer fees are high. As a result, it is only profitable when you move a large amount of capital

Tether transfer

?How to reduce Tether transfer fees

The best way to reduce Tether transfer fees is to buy this stablecoin from an exchange that charges the lowest fees for ERC20 network transactions. You can also send your Tether through other networks with less traffic, such as Binance Smart China and Solana

  • Use ERC20 alternative network to transfer Tether:

If you transfer Tether with an exchange that offers high fees for the ERC20 network, use their alternative network. For example, some platforms like Binance use other networks to mine Tether, which include:

  • Binance Smart China

  • Solana

  • Tron.


  • Send your Tether to the FTX app before withdrawal:

you can send your Tether cryptocurrency to the FTX app. It should be noted that for this you must first transfer Tether to another network such as Solana.

After going through this step, you will be able to send your Tether stablecoin through the ERC20 network and using the FTX application, without the need to pay Tether transfer fees


?What wallets support Tether stablecoin

The following list includes the top 5 wallets that support Tether cryptocurrency:

  1. Ledger

  2. Treasure

  3. Coinomi

  4. Exodus

  5. Tether.

?Iranian exchange for Tether transfer

One of the best exchanges to transfer Tether is Arya Exchange trading platform. Iranian users are able to use this platform to get the best Tether price and complete their transaction in the cheapest possible way

Comparison of ERC20, TRC20 and Omni Tether transfer time

In the Omni network, the transfer speed is very low. The reason for this low speed is that it takes 10 minutes to create a new block in the Bitcoin blockchain; it has sometimes been seen that a transaction takes up to two hours.

In the Ethereum blockchain, unlike the Omni network This network has relatively higher speed and each transaction takes 10 minutes. the transfer speed of Tether on the Tron blockchain does not last more than three minutes

Is it possible to transfer Tether to a different blockchain

USDT transfer can only be done on the same network. The good news is that you can, and it is not all that difficult either, as most blockchains have created bridges that allow you to transfer your assets from one blockchain to another. Some assets even simply exist on multiple chains such as Tether (USDT).

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